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Slurry pump

1.Purposeintroduction  UBtypemortarpumpisanewtypeofpistonpumpwhichisdevelopedonthebasisofabsorbingadvancedtechnologyathomeandabroad.Theproductispowerfulandwidelyused,whichisbasicallysummarizedasfollow
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  1. Purpose introduction

  UB type mortar pump is a new type of piston pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. The product is powerful and widely used, which is basically summarized as follows:

  (1) engineering grouting reinforcement

  Various pressure grouting in reservoirs, hydropower stations, DAMS, ports and wharves;

  Foundation treatment, weak foundation reinforcement grouting;

  Backfill grouting and bolt support in tunnel, subway and mine construction;

  (2) deep well construction of ground source heat pump (new technology)

  Can be used for mud circulation and mortar backfill;

  (3) delivery of building mortar

  Scale, masonry or plaster transport;

  (4) mechanical spray plaster

  Product mortar or slurry delivery with equivalent performance and spraying plaster;

  2. Product specifications and technical parameters

  Current UB type slurry pump according to the diverse requirements of users has developed series of products, including UB8 type slurry pump is national "ninth five-year research project of science and technology, unique lubrication system, the structure of the piston, won two national patents, in April 2000 by the ministry of slurry sampling identifies that the product technology reached the international advanced level.

  Technical parameters

  3. Technical advantages

  1. High working pressure and high flow rate, able to deliver sand slurry with high sand content;

  2. In this type of product, the pump with dual cylinder structure can output uniform flow and overcome the defect of the current piston pump or plunger pump flow.

  3. Mechanical transmission is adopted, the structure is simple and compact, the vulnerable parts are cheap and quick and easy to replace, the maintenance is easy and the cost is low;

  4. Cylinder and piston materials have undergone strict industrial examination, reliable and long life;

  5. Small size and flexible movement, especially suitable for small working Spaces;

  6. Due to the solidification of mortar, the safety protection system of almost all kinds of mechanical driving piston pumps is difficult to work reliably. In combination with the characteristics of the national situation, we have designed the safety protection system which is applicable to the bad environment and ensured the safety operation, and its reliability has been verified in a large number of engineering applications.

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