High iron CA mortar grouting pump

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High iron CA mortar grouting pump

1,use  Itissuitablefortherailplywoodofhighironemulsifiedbituminousmortar(CAmortar).Itcanalsobeusedforpre-foundationreinforcementorbackfillingmortarorothertypesofslurry.
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  1, use

  It is suitable for the rail plywood of high iron emulsified bituminous mortar (CA mortar). It can also be used for pre-foundation reinforcement or backfilling mortar or other types of slurry.

  4, characteristics

  1. Wireless remote control, can control the device to stop at the position of the plywood.

  2. Imported components, reliable work.

  3. Variable frequency control, adjustable flow and intelligent protection.

  4. Easy operation and convenient cleaning.

  5. Technical advantages

  1) the pipeline pump is used to replace the dangerous and inefficient operation mode of hoisting, and the cost of safe and reliable province; The average speed of pump delivery is 9 blocks per hour, while the average lifting operation efficiency is about 3 blocks per hour, the construction cost is less than 5% of the lifting operation, and the construction period can be shortened greatly.

  2) give full play to the operation efficiency of the CA slurry vehicle, with a wide coverage and up to 60m before and after, which greatly reduces the number of the CA slurry vehicles. And can reduce the configuration of the slurry car, and further save the cost for the construction unit.

  3) the number of construction personnel can be reduced, and only 2 persons are required to operate the equipment and irrigation board.

  4) the equipment occupies a small area and avoids the traditional way of lifting the pot by using the car crane.

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