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SC80 Customized Industrial Building Hoist With CE Certificate To EN Standard

COMPANY PROFILE CABR Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd ., founded by the Institute of Building Mechanization of China Academy of Building Research, is a state-owned high-tech company with int
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CABR Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., founded by the Institute of Building Mechanization of China Academy of Building Research, is a state-owned high-tech company with integrated roles of technical developing, producing and trading. We are a specialized manufacturer of all types of building hoists. Based on the institute’s technical strength, and with our perfect inspection methods, advanced process equipment, strict quality management system, we continually provide new technology and products to both domestic and overseas markets. Our company has been certificated as follows: ISO9001:2008, European CE, and Russian Gost.

Our products are in the following categories: General Hoists, High-speed VF Hoists, Curved and Inclined Hoists, Mini Hoists, Double-mast Heavy-duty Hoists, Hydraulic Jacking Level Bridges, Mast-climbing working platform, QTK Series Self Erected Tower Crane etc. Our products are widely used in construction, power projects, metallurgical, mining, oil, and chemical industries.


Mini building hoist is a minor construction machinery which is used to transport construction personnel, tower crane driver, maintenance personnel and minor materials. Applying to the follows:

Industrial and civil construction

Tower crane

Harbor machinery,  gantry crane , portal crane 

Power transmission tower, bridges, television tower frame

Special or high buildings, such as chimney, power station boiler, well hole, etc.

Technical Data of Mini Building hoist


Rated load (kg)

Lifting speed 

Max. lifting height (m)

















1. The recommended cage dimension (LxWxH)(m): 1.0x0.75x2.2, 1.5x1.0x2.2. We can also manufacture cages of other size according to the user. 

2. The cage and the door material can be aluminum molded board, punched-plate, figured aluminum board or other type according to your requirements.

3. The mast and the tie-in surface can adopt paint-spray, or hot galvanized processing.

4. Both domestic and imported driving systems are available.


Q1: Whether you can provide cutomized poducts?

A1: Yes. We are hi-tech enterprise affiliated to China Academy of Building Research. We have a group of engineers, who have

title of professor , senior engineer and engineer. We can give you special design as per the drawings of your building, helpin you solve different problems faced in your projects.

Q2: Whether customized prodcts takes a very long time to design and maufacture?

A2: Not exactly. Normally for us, some amendment in desig to adapt your requirement will maximum take one week. so even for your special project, it will be about 30-40 days delivery time.

Q3: What is the brand of your key components?

A3: Motor: Zhangjiang from Shangai, Gearbox: Xianghe from Tianjin, Inverter: Schneider of Toshiba

Other electrical components: Schneider or Simens

Automatic laning system: CABR,we develop specificaly for construction hoist

Q4: What kind of services you can provide?

A4: We are state owned company, high quality is our advantage, and high technology is our core competency. We ensure that

all the machine have been completely tested in our factory before delivery. We will give you one year warranty for complete machine. For probems caused by our production defect, we will provide you free services by sending skilled engineer there.

Q5: About the centrifugal safety device, how long is its life span?

A5: Centrifugal safety device is the most important safety device for building hoist, it is the final security assurance. As per our national standard GB10054-2005 <Builder's Hoist>, and GB10055-2007 <Safety code for builders hoist>, Free-fall test must be done every 3 months. And the centrifugal safety device must be sent to authorized department for inspection every one year. After 5 years, the centrifugal safety device must be mandatory scrapping. 

Remarks: the above two National Standard were made and managed by us CABR.


CABR Machinery is a leading sc80 customized industrial building hoist with ce certificate to en standard manufacturer and also a professional customized service provider in China. Welcome to get the high qualified equipment with us. We will offer you the finest after-sale service and quick delivery.

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