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Automatic steel wire mesh welding machine (Factory price)

Line wire is from spool and cross wire from pre-straightened and cut bar. This machine is modular in design and production to meet the different needs of customers. This machine has high productivity
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Automatic Steel Mesh Welding Production Line

CABR GWC Series Steel Mesh Welding Machine

       Line wire is from spool and cross wire from pre-straightened and cut bar. This machine is modular in design and production to meet the different needs of customers. This machine has high productivity and mainly for mass production. This machine was designed for the large batch manufacture of standard as well as engineered mesh in sheet.



Technical advantages

Technical Advantages:

1 easy maintenance 



2 cross wire feeding automatically 



3 short setup time 



4 high flexibility 



Plan 1:




1.Line Wire Pay-off System(Heavy Type)                  7.High Performance Welding Machine


2.Line Wire Guide                                                       8.Cross Wire Auto Feeding System


3.Line Wire Straightening System (I)                        9. Mesh Shear


4.Pulling System                                                        10.Automatic Mesh Stacker


5.Intermittent Line Wire Compensation System             11.Mesh Conveyer


6.Line Wire Straightening System (II)



Main Components

GWC3800 Automatic Steel Mesh Welding Production Line

automatic steel mesh welding line application.jpg

[a] Line Wire Pay-off System

[b] Line Wire Straightening Unit With Central Adjustment

[c] Pulling System

[d] Intermittent Line Wire Compensating System

[e] High Performance Welding Machine

[f] Cross Wire Auto Feeding System

[g] Mesh Shear

[h] Mesh Stacker and Sheet Turner

[i] Mesh Conveying System

A. Line Wire Pay-off System

1. Line Wire Pay-off System (Heavy Type)

Line wire pay-off system(Heavy type) has very large storage capacity of material.

Line wire can be fed automatically and continuously with high efficiency.

pay-off heavy system.jpg

2. Line Wire Pay-off System (Light Type)

Easy to operate , extremely fast and easy to change and produce all mess configurations , saving space , high economy .

Smaller and more economical, easy to use and faster to change.

Light type pay-off system.jpg


B. Pulling System

High-power inverter motor drive to ensure the continuous feeding, with a separate compression system to ensure that the reinforced will not slip.

Powerful variable-frequency motors ensure feeding continuous and separate compression system prevents the line wire from slip.

pulling system.jpg

C. High Performance Welding Machine



Welding system with exclusive CABR/M-design: Every upper electrode can be activated individually. Space of mesh can be changed without changing any spare parts in order to keep highest production efficiency and best welding quality. With different welding programs, the machine can process both hot rolled and cold rolled bars very well.

Every transformer has eight welding parameters in order to ensure the welding quality. This technology is original created. The welding parameters can be adjusted individually and set from the HMI. All spots can be welded selectively.

The welding pressure builds up by means of pneumatic cylinders,every electrode is drived by one indiviual cylinder,and the pressure a can be adjusted by computer.

Special material and design of the copper electrodes increase its service life, also reduce the use cost of the machine.

The machine has reliable circulating-water cooling system.

D.  Computer Control System

computer control system.jpg

The whole line is controlled by computer. Parameters can be set in form of graphs and preview of the mesh can be seen from the display. PCC control system and th touch-screen supplies us a graphic and friendly interface. That means ’What You See Is What You Get’.

The device has a self-diagnostic system to facilitate equipment maintenance. Safety protection system can prevent machine from damage of misuse. Remote communication is available by help of the various PCC interface.


Key parts of the machine (including motors, pneumatic elements and most of the electrical components) are from European or Japanese top suppliers.

The control cabinet is made according to the European technical standard. It’s safe, reliable, strong, dustproof and waterproof. 

E.  Cross Wire Auto Feeding System

Cross Wire auto feeding system.jpg

The cross wire feeding device is driven by cylinders which are controlled by computer. This device can store 1.5 tons’ cross wire in maximum and it can sequence and feed the cross wire automatically and very fast.

Precise and easy change of crosswire feeding tracks' spaces by mechanical synchro adjustment device.

Movable cross wire feeding device makes maintenance easier.

F.  Mesh Pulling System


Mesh pulling system is driven by servo motor and controlled by computer. Different cross wire space is available in one sheet.

G. Automatic Line Wire Feeding System


Line wire auto feeding system is used to feed the line wires fully automatically  to the welding points. Line wire auto feeding system is driven by servo motor. It can feed the line wires to the electrodes according to the instruction of the computer. There is no stop between two sheets,this improve the production efficiency very obviously.

H. Line Wire Straightening and Compensating System


There are two line wire straightening system, one is horizontal and the other is vertical. With the special synchronous device we can change the diameter of the line wires which are from spools easy and fast.


The individually adjustable straightening blocks cover a large wire diameter range for better mesh quality. The synchro adjusting pole could adjust the space of all the wheels at the same time in order to save time.

Controlled by the proximity switch, the storage rack feed the line wire automatically. The material limit switch will give out an alarm if it’s lack of wire. This keeps the machine work continuously.

I. Sheet Stacker


The sheets are pull out and stacked automatically. Motorized transport system is designed for exact positioning of the sheets. It’s easy to bale and transport the mesh, and easy to adjust for varying mesh configurations. Equiped with motorized roller conveyor.


mesh turning system for steel mesh welding line.jpg

Mesh pros and cons of cross-stacked to reduce the stacking space, and reduce transportation costs. Flip and lift are driven by the servo motor.

K.  Mesh Conveying System


The mesh conveying system is driven by motor. It can transmit stacked mesh neatly, reduce labor intensity, save lifting time, and lead to high efficiency.

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