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Elevator light curtain test stand

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  CABR JDGM - V2.0 elevator light curtain test-bed is set data acquisition, data processing, motion control, display and report printing, etc as a whole, is suitable for the production, design, development, and testing the screen test platform.

  I. Main functions

  This test bed can be used for the following experiment of the elevator lighting screen:

  1. Test the beam effectiveness of the light curtain.

  2. Test the detection distance of the light curtain.

  3. Test the dislocation tolerance of the light screen, including horizontal tolerances, vertical tolerances and horizontal tolerances.

  4. Test the comprehensive detection performance of the light curtain (including optical interference test).

  5. Test the work reliability of the light curtain.

  II. Main technical features

  1. A high degree of automation: automatic test data collection, also can automatically analyze reliability test data of the shade number, screen response times, screen not response times and the screen not the distribution of response times in every section of screen;

  2. High efficiency: the reliability test of two sets of lights can be carried out simultaneously, and the test efficiency is improved.

  3. Safety and reliability: equipped with protective device, equipped with sound and light combination alarm function, which can guarantee the safety of staff;

  4. Automatically save multi-batch test results and support report printing.

  5. Support manual and automatic test mode.

  6. The same structure design is adopted on both sides of the frame, and the supporting wall structure is designed to improve the overall stability of the frame.

  7. Light screen horizontal movement, vertical mobile electric structure design, improve mobile stability and accuracy.

  8. The shading mechanism adopts the translational expansion structure to ensure the accuracy of the light screen test points.

  III. Main technical parameters

  1. Control cabinet (length x width x height) : 700mm x 700mm x 1230mm;

  2. Mechanical frame (length x width x height) : 4700mm x 1300mm x 3500mm;

  3. Strong optical interference system (long x width x height) : 740mm x 740mm x 1400mm;

  4. Power requirements: AC220V/ 50Hz, power: 2kW;

  5. Application environment: indoor;

  6. The environment temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, ≦ 80% condensation;

  7. Adapt to the maximum height of the light screen: 2.7 m, maximum thickness: 28mm;

  8. Maximum detection distance of light screen: 3.8m;

  9. Shielding width range: 20mm, 80mm;

  10. Can provide two light screen supply voltage: AC220V, DC12V(PNP output) (customizable);

  11. Shading frequency: 12 to 30 times/min.

  IV. Main composition

  1. Mechanical system mainly includes the following devices:

  (1) main frame: used for installation of optical curtain mounting bracket A, light screen mounting bracket B, traction and lifting mechanism, vertical movement mechanism, horizontal movement mechanism, sunshade mechanism, etc.

  (2) light curtain mounting bracket A: for installation of test light screen, the effectiveness of the beam can be completed, and the tolerance test (including horizontal tolerance, vertical tolerance) and reliability test can be completed.

  (3) light screen mounting bracket B: for installation of the test light screen, the detection distance, comprehensive detection performance (including strong light interference), reliability test and tolerance test (including the Angle tolerance) can be completed.

  (4) drag lifting mechanism: used to drive up and down the mask.

  (5) vertical moving mechanism: used to drive the light curtain up and down.

  (6) horizontal moving mechanism: used to drive the light curtain before and after moving.

  (7) shading mechanism: used to drive back and forth of the mask.

  2. The electrical system contains the following parts

  (1) detection software:

  It is used to provide man-machine interface, transfer operator instruction to control system, and analyze and process data collected by control system.

  (2) control system:

  It is used to drive the lifting and lifting mechanism, shading mechanism, light screen vertical and horizontal moving mechanism, and transfer the data collected to the computer.

  (3) strong optical interference system

  Main frame: used to install lamp panel.

  Control system: used for fluorescent lighting.

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